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September 17th, 2019 is the 110th anniversary of Lanzhou University. Over the past 110 years, generations of our people have sticked to their missions. Through our efforts, the resource base of our library is more solid, the services are constantly innovating, scientific research achievements are remarkable, the status of the industry is generally recognized.

The achievements of our library can not be separated from the strong support and help of alumni, the public and friends. We sincerely hope that people or institutions who are enthusiastic and long-term helpers in the development of Library will continue to support and help us to establish a comprehensive and distinctive resource system, train a team of high-quality librarians, and promote the construction and service of our university to a new level.

We send donation proposals to individuals and institutions to all sectors of society, and you can donate on a voluntary basis. We will accept all kinds of donations, such as funds and documents. There is no limit to the number and form.

Welcome to participate in the celebrations of our university!

Contact: Guo Wei

Tel: 0931-8915470

Notes on Donations