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Lanzhou University Novelty Retrieval Center mainly undertakes the following businesses

1. Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval

Sci-tech Novelty Retrieval is to verify the novelty of its scientific and technological content according to the needs provided by novelty search clients, collect relevant information at home and abroad by means of retrieval, conduct comprehensive analysis of valuable information materials combined with necessary investigation and research, and compare with novelty search points of the subject, draw conclusions on its novelty and issue novelty search.

2. Tracking Subject Frontiers

Before or during the research, it can use database and analysis tools to track and compare the related subjects on the basis of document investigation.

3. Patent Analysis Report

For a particular technology or product, it can analyze the development, patent layout, and technological development advantages of main competitors in this field.

4. Analysis of the trend of subject development

Bibliometrics analysis is used to analyze the development trend of institutions or scientific subjects.

5. Inquiry of dissertation submission and citation

It is to retrieve the dissertation and citation on SCI (E), SSCI, EI, ISTP of the client's. This is an important basis for scientific research staffs to evaluate academic titles, win a reward and apply for funds.

Service time: for the collection of documents in our library, the results will be returned within 2 working days. For out-of-library documents, we will inform the client immediately after receiving the results of the entrusted library, usually 3-14 working days.