亚搏APP入口:Space Reservation


The team communication space of Panxuan Road Campus consists of two small discussion rooms, each of which can accommodate 10 to 16 people. It covers an area of 20 square meters, which is equipped with projectors, electronic whiteboard, LED TV, network, conference table and other facilities for free.

Opening time: 9:00--22:00 each day

Address: It is in the electronic reading room on the ground floor of the library.

Remarks: You can make an reservation online or by telephone.

Reservation link:http://seat.lib.lzu.edu.cn

Tel: 0931- 8912966

The team communication space of Yuzhong Campus consists of three small discussion rooms, each of which can accommodate 10 to 16 people and covers an area of 20 square meters. It is equipped with projectors, integrated machines, networks, conference tables and chairs, etc.

Opening time: 9:00--22:00 each day

Address: North side of Library

Remarks: You can make an appointment online or by telephone.

Reservation link: http://seat.lib.lzu.edu.cn

Tel: 0931- 5292455

If you want to discuss academic issues and business plans, or carry out cooperative projects and team activities with your classmates and friends, welcome to the team communication space!

Instructions for the reservation system (http://seat.lib.lzu.edu.cn)

1. The reader can use the seat to its closing time if the seat is successfully reserved. The admin is your university IC card number, and the password is “000”

Remarks: Please change your password without delay.

2. No reservation can be cancelled after it is made successfully on the day. Please swipe into the library within 30 minutes, and you will sign in at the same time Automatically.

3. Readers who make reservations for the next day need to swipe into the library and sign in before 8:30 a.m. the next morning.

4. Readers who have not signed in after the reservation will be recorded violation for 1 time.

5. Readers can cancel the reservation of the next day before 7:30am.

6. The readers need to swipe out the library. If the temporary departure is not processed, the seat will be released automatically for others to use.

7. Temporary departure: Please press "Temporary Departure" and swipe your card before leaving, or choose "Temporary Departure" on the mobile phone, and the seats will be reserved for 60 minutes. When the reader returns to the seat, he must sign in and continue to use the original seat.

There are two methods to sign in : For the readers out of the library, please swipe into the library from the gateway. For the readers in the library, please check in on the seat selection machine.

If you do not return to check in within 60 minutes, the system will automatically release the seats for others to choose, and record  violation for one time. And if the reader depart temporarily without return for three times, he or she will be suspended using the system for 7 days.

8. Readers should keep order. Please do not occupy seats with articles and move tables and chairs. Our staff members have the right to clean up the articles . The occupants are responsible for their loss.

Conference rooms and lecture halls

Conference rooms and lecture halls are the places to promote academic exchanges and activate academic atmosphere. They are open to both inside and outside organizations and people in accordance with the relevant regulations, and are managed by the library office.

The library's academic lecture hall (144 seats) on the fourth floor is mainly used for various academic reports and important meetings. The first conference room (50-60 seats) is used for small academic lectures or training.

Procedures for application are as follows:

Make a reservation and then use it. If you want to cancel the meetings, you must inform us in advance. Those who need audio and video equipments should contact the technician to debug ahead of time. All the equipments are operated by the staff, and no one else is allowed to use it without authorization.

Please observe the following rules:

1. Please keep good order and protect environment of the library, and don't spit or litter. Besides, don't make much noise.

2. Smoking is prohibited. In case of emergencies, users should report to our staffs in time and take emergency measures. You should cooperate actively and deal with the aftermath.

3. Please care for the equipments, facilities, furniture and furnishings in conference rooms and lecture halls, keep the air in circulation, and take fire prevention, theft prevention and damage prevention seriously.

4. Please post banners at the specified locations according to the requirements. You should compensate according to price for damage to walls and facilities caused by random posting.

5. It is strictly prohibited to move tables and chairs and sound equipments. No fireworks, spray and other items. If any loss is caused, you will compensate according to the price.

Tel: 0931-8915460