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Ntheme/theme/themeManager.xmlPK ?h ???X??TableStyleMedium2PivotStyleLight16`?0?2018t^12-2019t^1gY?e?SHrfN???VV???4?!  ;? T ?ISBN?VfN T?y?QHrFU T?y 9780073404226Privilege,power And Difference Mcgraw-hill 9780077835439)Operations Management In The Supply Chain 9780078027031[Identities And Inequalities:Exploring The Intersections Of Race, Class, Gender, & Sexuality 9780078028656XDrugs In Perspective:Causes, Assessment, Family, Prevention, Intervention, And Treatment 97800810171428Human Resources Management in China:Cases in HR PracticeChandos Publishing 9780190208929+The Silk Road: A New History with DocumentsOxford University Press 9780190460891"The Confucian Four Books For Women 9780190469290Zen And Material Culture 9780190498931+Power, Patronage, And Memory In Early Islam 9780195146455CMusic in Egypt: Includes CD: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture 9780195176667Understanding Parricide Oxford UP 9780195375206 Educating the Muslims of America 9780198755609,the new oxford handbook of economic gegraphyoxford university press 97801988044065Introduction to Computational Economics Using Fortran 9780199208050-Spanish Literature: A Very Short IntroductionOxford University Press Karachi 9780199582914Shari'a in the West OUP Oxford 9780199859870'The Oxford Handbook of Social InfluenceOxford University Press, USA 9780226401126SLearning from Shenzhen: China's Post-Mao Experiment from Special Zone to Model CityUniversity Of Chicago Press 9780226732442A Historical Atlas of TibetUniversity Of Chicago Press?? 9780230243316=Multivariate Modelling Of Non-stationary Economic Time SeriesPalgrave Macmillan Uk 9780230354838*Global Trends in Human Resource ManagementPalgrave Macmillan 9780230621985@Values and Perceptions of the Islamic and Middle Eastern Publics 9780253025395ABlood Ties and the Native Son: Poetics of Patronage in KyrgyzstanIndiana University Press 9780253032294TThe ANC's War Against Apartheid:Umkhonto We Sizwe And The Liberation Of South Africa 97802530323867Life And Death In Kolofata:An American Doctor In Africa 97802530327130Holocaust Public Memory In Postcommunist Romania 9780262529273What Is The Argument? 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Philosophy 9780889615915+Gender And Women's Studies:Critical TerrainCanadian Scholars 97809328630346The Black Book: True Political Philosophy of Malcolm XClarity Press?? 9780992864408IChinese Turkestan: A Photographic Journey Through an Ancient CivilizationRyan Pyle Productions 9781107027350;international relation theory:the game-theoretical appr< oachcambridge university press 97811070298975Rome And The Making Of A World State, 150 BCE  20 Ce 9781107062320$Environmental Attitudes Through Time 9781107086661!Ancient Greece And China Compared 9781107107007Roman Political Thought 97811071236011Islamic Populism in Indonesia and the Middle East 97811071245476The Cambridge Handbook Of Applied Psychological Ethics 9781107125858LThe Cambridge Handbook of Sociology: Specialty and Interdisciplinary Studies 9781107125896bThe Cambridge Handbook of Sociology: Core Areas in Sociology and the Development of the Discipline 9781107126879!Language, Sexuality And Education 97811071414520Social Memory And State Formation In Early China 9781107143227>Islamic Politics, Muslim States, And Counterterrorism Tensions 97811071450786Public Opinion and Politics in the Late Roman Republic 97811071547423The 1848 Revolutions And European Political Thought 9781107157279rClimate Engineering And The Law:Regulation And Liability For Solar Radiation Management And Carbon Dioxide Removal 9781107157415TReligious Talk Online:The Evangelical Discourse Of Muslims, Christians, And Atheists 9781107158009.Schooling and Society: Myths of Mass Education 97811071625948Models From The Past In Roman Culture:A World Of Exempla 9781107174122*The Embodied Soul In Plato's Later Thought 9781107175655 The Factive Turn In Epistemology 9781107180932Reign Of Appearances 9781107185562Warfare In Bronze Age Society 9781107189706&The Archaeology of Imperial Landscapes 9781107193383[Arabic Thought Against The Authoritarian Age:Towards An Intellectual History Of The Present 9781107195691Philosophy And Climate Science 9781107421318The Smoke Of London 9781107435179%Free Trade and Faithful Globalization 9781107513549(Artists And Signatures In Ancient Greece2017 9781107589711The Beginnings Of Islamic Law 9781107642386RThe Nativist Prophets of Early Islamic Iran: Rural Revolt and Local Zoroastrianism 9781108227254nAdvances In Economics And Econometrics 2 Paperback Volume Set:Theory And Applications, Eleventh World Congress 9781108406536_The Demography of Roman Italy: Population Dynamics in an Ancient Conquest Society 201 Bce-14 Ce 97811084150959Raising Children: Surprising Insights from Other Cultures 9781108415507FGlobal Gifts:The Material Culture Of Diplomacy In Early Modern Eurasia 9781108416290Farm To Fingers 9781108417129#The Science Of Qualitative Research 9781108417280ENietzsche's Metaphysics Of The Will To Power:The Possibility Of Value 9781108417822Multiculturalism in Turkey 9781108418775<Models, Mathematics, and Methodology in Economic Explanation Cambridge Companions to Religion 9781108420204KRegulating Islam:Religion And The State In Contemporary Morocco And Tunisia 9781108421362Creativity in the Bronze Age 9781108421546&Jihad, Radicalism, And The New Atheism 9781108422352ZHomo Religiosus?:Exploring The Roots Of Religion And Religious Freedom In Human Experience 97811084228021Biotechnology, Human Nature, And Christian Ethics 97811084232677Islam In Israel:Muslim Communities In Non-muslim States 9781111346928The Color of Justice: RaceWadsworth Publishing; 5 edition 9781111971649Personal Financial Planning South-Western College Publishing 9781118936887A Companion To Nazi GermanyWiley-ieee Press 9781119039778"The Handbook Of Discourse AnalysisWiley-blackwell 9781119045168The Professional Ethics Toolkit 9781119050445&Transnational Geographies Of The HeartWiley 9781119076810/A Social And Cultural History Of Late Antiquity 9781119077008 9781119100737AThe Wiley International Handbook Of History Teaching And Learning 9781119167716OIntroduction To Cities: How Place And Space Shape Human Experience, 2nd Edition 9781119222293(A Companion To The Anthropology Of Death 9781119240518Engaging Archaeology 9781119261032>Cryptic Concrete: A Subterranean Journey Into Cold War Germany 9781119261117Cryptic Concrete 9781119312567Typographic Design 9781119380009WGlobal Asian City Migration, Desire And The Politics Of Encounter In 21St Century Seoul 9781119413813HHow Change H< appens: Why Some Social Movements Succeed While Others Don't 97811194611045Essentials Of Supply Chain Management, Fourth Edition 9781119483854gScaling Global Change: A Social Entrepreneur?s Guide To Surviving The Start-up Phase And Driving Impact 9781137006110(Climate Change and Global Policy Regimes 97811372866116Islamic Finance In The Light Of Modern Economic Theory 9781137332226 Key Sociological Thinkers (2017)Palgrave 97811373385942Families, Intimacy And Globalization:Floating Ties 9781137430908WChildren In The Anthropocene:Rethinking Sustainability And Child Friendliness In Cities 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and Reaction in Turkey (2017) 9781137588241@Rethinking Civic Participation In Democratic Theory And Practice 9781137590275GFamily Continuity and Change: Contemporary European Perspectives (2017) 9781138036321 Motivation 9781138036475$Urban Deprivation and the Inner City 9781138041134>World Music Pedagogy, Volume III: Secondary School Innovations 9781138041202=World Music Pedagogy, Volume IV: Instrumental Music Education 9781138044005EAfrican Political Activism And Social Welfare In Post-colonial France 9781138052796;World Music Pedagogy, Volume II: Elementary Music Education 9781138059757Online Catholic Communities 9781138061361KTwentieth Century Population Thinking: A Critical Reader of Primary Sources 9781138061828!Creative Representations Of Place 9781138063204!The Information Game In Democracy 9781138065680,Sellars And The History Of Modern Philosophy 9781138065956HThe Structural Change of Knowledge and the Future of the Social Sciences 97811380699160Routledge Handbook Of Human Rights And Disasters 9781138086647HNation, Territory, and Globalization in Pakistan: Traversing the Margins 9781138088078The Psychology Of Grief 9781138088894-Community Development And Democratic Practice 9781138091221Religion And The Public Sphere 9781138092433JDigital Existence: Ontology, Ethics and Transcendence in Digital Culture / 9781138094284HEmotion and Social Structures: The Affective Foundations of Social Order 9781138094727TGovermentality In EU External Trade And Environment Policy:Between Rights And Market 9781138095274!The Desire For Mutual Recognition 9781138096318&Alevism As An Ethno-religious Identity 9781138101999Regional Economic Planning 97811381027056Nature, Culture And Religion At The Crossroads Of Asia 9781138103375AIntergenerational Continuity Of Criminal And Antisocial Behaviour 9781138106482Islamic Macroeconomics 9781138122505%Routledge Handbook Of Defence Studies 9781138167063?Moral Dilemmas Of Feminism:Prostitution, Adultery, And Abortion 9781138180826-Sustainable Development:An Introductory Guide 9781138195431,Big Data, Surveillance and Crisis Management 9781138200708Women In Islamic Societies 9781138206021)Writing a Business Plan:A Practical Guide 9781138209275DDomestic Animals, Humans, And Leisure:Rights, Welfare, And Wellbeing 9781138209282-Wild Animals And Leisure:Rights And Wellbeing 97811382125104Empiricism and the Metatheory of the Social SciencesTaylor & Francis 9781138213487 The New Tes< tament In Muslim Eyes 9781138217683Embodied Social Justice 9781138218383XIndigenous Knowledge Production As Interdisciplinary Practice:Guwaa-li Walaay Winanga-li 9781138225879OSexuality, Sexual Identity And Intimacy Research In Social Work And Social Care 97811382266859A Social History Of Railways In Colonial India, 1850-1920 9781138237186&Interreligious Philosophical Dialogues 9781138238084KHow Shakespeare Became Colonial: Editorial Tradition and the British Empire 9781138280823!Ethiopians In An Age Of Migration 9781138288089Insight 9781138289291/Routledge Library Editions: International Islam 9781138294295,The Good Ict Society: From Theory to Actions 9781138310131(Women, Education And Development In Asia 9781138404328Ancient Egypt In Africa 9781138404687ZThe Goddess And The Bull:?atalh?y?k: An Archaeological Journey To The Dawn Of Civilization 9781138456570"Health Through Faith And Community 9781138462281Jews, Christians, Muslims 9781138464742Islam: State And Society 97811384789169Technological Transformation In The Third World: Volume 4 9781138479012Ten Innovations 9781138480476&Gender And Qualitative Research (1996) 9781138481190"Reflections Of A Neuropsychologist 97811384826540Routledge Library Editions: Gladstone & Disraeli 9781138484740/The Medieval And Early Modern Garden In Britain 9781138486249Writing Qualitatively 9781138488526!Understanding The Dream Sociogram 97811384913592Routledge Revivals: Reform In New York City (1991) 9781138495234BRoutledge Revivals: French Cities In The Nineteenth Century (1981) 9781138499904FOrwell s  politics And The English Language In The Age Of Pseudocracy 9781138500501DOrigins Of The Syrian Conflict:Domestic Factors And Early Trajectory 97811385032983Psychology Library Editions: Comparative Psychology 9781138509962Explorations In Urban Theory 97811385212853Cooperation And Competition Among Primitive Peoples 9781138521551Crisis In Sociology 9781138521568-Critical Approaches to Science and Philosophy 9781138521711Cultural History After Foucault 9781138521810*Culture And Democracy In The United States 9781138521933Damnation And Deviance 9781138522244 Desexualization In American Life 9781138522732$Eisenhower And The American Crusades 9781138522800 Encounters With American Culture 9781138523104European Existentialism 97811385234324Family Worlds:A Psychosocial Approach To Family Life 9781138523715"Foundations of Political Sociology 9781138523852Freud 9781138523869(Freud And The Politics Of Psychoanalysis 9781138524286 George Bush 9781138525368How Societies Learn 9781138526785 Kinship In The Admiralty Islands 9781138528185Misplaced Loyalties 9781138528765Neighborhood Futures 9781138529823/Philosophy Of Science:The Historical Background 9781138530324Politics And Regimes 9781138530331Politics And Society 9781138535183The Discretionary Economy 9781138537453The Political Economy Of Change 9781138537538/The Politics Of Energy Research And Development 9781138544994Migration Borders Freedom 9781138550421Ageing In The Asia Pacific 9781138553330/Classical Storytelling And Modern Screenwriting Focal Press 9781138554979GTechnological Change, Industrial Restructuring And Regional Development 9781138555303?Jews On The Move: Modern Cosmopolitanist Thought And Its Others 97811385553344High Technology Industry And Innovative Environments 9781138555365Brain, Behaviour And Evolution 9781138557291Social And Labour Market Policy 9781138559332Africa s Big Men 9781138562295Brain And Mind 9781138564114Corporate Planning 9781138570368<Decolonisation, Africanisation And The Philosophy Curriculum 9781138574960$The Behavioral Significance Of Color 9781138576742-The Development Of High Technology Industries 9781138587489The Making Of Psychohistory 9781138637399Railway Economics 9781138644427,Routledge Handbook Of Contemporary Indonesia 9781138651937/The Regulation Of Post-communist Party Politics 9781138658677The psychology of fashion / 9781138665880SBeyond Gender:An Advanced Introduction To Futures Of Feminist And Sexualit< y Studies 9781138666009=Reconstructing the Middle East: Political and Economic Policy 9781138670648Cross-cultural Analysis 97811386713626The Routledge Handbook Of Digital Writing And Rhetoric 9781138677982Religion In Japanese Daily Life 9781138678491The Psychology Of Trust 9781138696105%The Psychology Of Conspiracy Theories 9781138698604#Vulnerability, Employment and Labor 9781138699250Muslim Americans 9781138700246@Prospects For Sustainable Development In The Chinese Countryside 9781138703209Employment Law 9781138707450&War In The Iberian Peninsula, 700-1600 9781138707627mEconomic Arithmetic: A Guide to the Statistical Sources of English Commerce, Industry, and Finance, 1700-1850 9781138709034YLogistics' Contributions To Better Health In Developing Countries:Programmes That Deliver 9781138719712DRevolutionary Egypt: Connecting Domestic and International Struggles 9781138720589What Is To Be Done? 9781138729377(Water Policy, Imagination And Innovation 9781138729469Mental Health In Rural America 9781138731448yThe Management and Employee Development Review:Competitive Advantage through Transformative Teamwork and Evolved MindsetsProductivity Press 9781138736177,Culture And Politics: A Comparative Approach 9781138737372Researching Female Faith 9781138740792+The Routledge Handbook Of Green Social Work 9781138741683<An Introduction To Generalized Linear Models, Fourth EditionChapman And Hall/crc 97811387444314Public Security And Governance In Contemporary China 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9781138983076.Structural Factors In Turkic Language Contacts 9781259142208Operations Management 9781259345487>Management Strategy: Achieving Sustained Competitive Advantage 9781259417856NBusiness Ethics:Decision Making For Personal Integrity & Social Responsibility 9781259535437Business Ethics Now 9781259544309+Managing Operations Across The Supply Chain 9781259549465CBusiness Statistics In Practice:Using Data, Modeling, And Analytics 9781259549724/Operations And Supply Chain Management:The Core 9781259573798Entrepreneurial Small Business 9781259655500Microeconomics 9781259666100&Operations And Supply Chain Management 9781259676987Methods In Behavioral Research 9781259746390Issues In Economics Today 9781260147834)Anthropology:Appreciating Human Diversity 9781285429786/Services Marketing: Concepts Strategies & Cases$South-Western College Pub; 5 edition 9781285866390Managing Human ResourcesCengage Learning 9781285869681$Purchasing & Supply Chain ManagementSouth-Western College/West 9781305405769Foundations Of Marketing 7E:%South-Western College/West; 7 edition 9781305507272Consumer BehaviorSouth-Western College Pub 97813055854544Contemporary Mathematics Business/Consumers Brief Ed 9781305859975-Supply Chain Management Logistics Perspective 9781316649176$The Decline and Rise of Institutions 9781349711932David Hume s Humanity 9781349951413Jobless Citizens 9781349953264.Queering Masculinities In Language And Culture 97813500050826Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and PresentBloomsbury Visual Arts 9781350011595< Vichy France And Everyday LifeBloomsbury Academic 9781350014015!Gathering For Tea In Modern Japan 97813500222012Japan s Occupation Of Java In The Second World War 9781350029804Introduction To Applied Ethics 9781350030787>Mass Media, Consumerism And National Identity In Postwar Japan 9781350034174Hannah Arendt s Ethics 9781350035188Nihilism And Philosophy 9781350038066Postsecular Feminisms 9781350041219War, Law And Humanity 9781350044012Technic And Magic 9781350046634Portraits Of Wittgenstein 9781350048010bThe Invention of Taste: A Cultural Account of Desire, Delight and Disgust in Fashion, Food and Art 97813500519661Literature as Cultural Ecology: Sustainable Texts 9781350066861#Evidential Reasoning In ArchaeologyBloomsbury Academic(Bloomsbury) 97813500668928Nerd Ecology: Defending The Earth With Unpopular Culture 97813500672718Post-war Business Planners In The United States, 1939-48 9781405179720Jerusalem - A Brief History 9781405188999%A History Of Babylon, 2200 Bc - 75 Ad 9781408083154&Business Mathematics And Statistics 7E Cengage Learning; UK ed. edition 97814080938013Finance For Executives: Managing For Value Creation 9781409403777TShari'a Law in Commercial and Banking Arbitration : Law and Practice in Saudi Arabia 9781412857109Identity And Social ChangeTransaction Publishers 9781412981361!Spirituality, Religion, And AgingSAGE Publications, Inc 9781426916809JThe Ten Thousand Things: Adventures and Misadventures on China's Silk RoadTrafford Publishing 9781433135224RResearching The Writing Center:Towards An Evidence-based Practice, Revised Edition Peter Lang 9781433135286?The Stated Motivations For The Early Islamic Expansion (622 641):A Critical Revision Of Muslims Traditional Portrayal Of The Arab Raids And Conquests 97814331432814Sacred Science:Ritual And Miracle In Modern Medicine 9781433146909NEvolution Of The Early Qur n:From Anonymous Apocalypse To Charismatic Prophet 9781433151798!Ethics For A Digital Age, Vol. Ii 9781433828621#Creating Healing School Communities"American Psychological Association 9781439854310@Greener Products: The Making and Marketing of Sustainable Brands CRC Press 9781442252523Social DevianceRowman & Littlefield Publishers 9781442262126FAn Introduction To The Collected Works Of C. G. Jung: Psyche As Spirit 97814422647621Scaling Identities:Nationalism And Territoriality 9781442274594Race And Racism:An Introduction 9781443890144cRestoring The Balance: Using The Qur?? ?an And The Sunnah To Guide A Return To The Prophet?? ?s IslamCambridge Scholars Publishing 9781443893664'Rethinking Philosophers' Responsibility 9781443895903JPopular Experience And Cultural Representation Of The Great War, 1914-1918 9781464811449BBeyond Scarcity:Water Security In The Middle East And North AfricaWorld Bank Publications 9781468310474<Heaven's Bankers: Inside the Hidden World of Islamic FinanceThe Overlook Press 9781469629964Muslim American Women On Campus1The University Of North Carolina Press(unc Press) 9781469636252`Devotions And Desires:Histories Of Sexuality And Religion In The Twentieth-century United States 9781469641027AMigrant Longing:Letter Writing Across The U.S.-mexico Borderlands 9781469641409OIslam Without Europe:Traditions Of Reform In Eighteenth-century Islamic Thought 9781472457561[Religions And Constitutional Transitions In The Muslim Mediterranean:The Pluralistic Moment 9781472466341=Rethinking Place In South Asian And Islamic Art, 1500-Present 9781472469014+Routledge Handbook Of Community Development 9781472479976ATolerance Re-shaped In The Early-modern Mediterranean Borderlands 9781472596666Empire In Asia 9781472950727/Evidence-based Policy Making In Labor EconomicsBloomsbury Information Ltd 9781473749443&Purchasing And Supply Chain Management 9781474213387YNationalism In Modern Europe:Politics, Identity And Belonging Since The French Revolution 9781474244251Shakespeare and GreeceBloomsbury Arden Shakespeare 9781474268974GThe Modern Spain Sourcebook:A Cultural History From 1600 To The Present 9781474282352Practicing Ar< t And Anthropology 9781474285018=1938: Modern Britain: Social Change and Visions of the Future 9781474286466@The Industrial Revolution: The State, Knowledge and Global Trade 9781474295116>Broadcast Your Shakespeare: Continuity and Change Across Media 9781474407717Deleuze's Kantian Ethos 9781474408028Muslims In Scotland 9781474409810DThe Evolution Of Scotland s Towns:Creation, Growth And Fragmentation 9781474413008DViolence In Islamic Thought From The Mongols To European Imperialism 9781474415637$Virginia Woolf And Christian Culture 9781474415798Muslims In Eastern Europe 9781474420181iUK Oil And Gas Law: Current Practice And Emerging Trends:Volume I: Resource Management And Regulatory Law 97814744217755Ancient Greek History And Contemporary Social Science 9781474425605<In the Archive of Longing: Susan Sontag's Critical Modernism 9781474426640EThe Foreign Policy Of Islamist Political Parties:Ideology In Practice 9781474429009DThe Unmaking Of The Arab Intellectual:Prophecy, Exile And The Nation 9781474432160MReclaiming Islamic Tradition:Modern Interpretations Of The Classical Heritage 9781474432184 Nasser In The Egyptian Imaginary 9781474432191*Islamic Reform In Twentieth-century Africa 9781474433228bModern Islamic Authority And Social Change, Volume 1:Evolving Debates In Muslim Majority Countries 9781474433266QModern Islamic Authority And Social Change, Volume 2:Evolving Debates In The West 9781474434676!Lucretius I:An Ontology Of Motion 9781475830781eCommunity Engagement Best Practices Across The Disciplines:Applying Course Content To Community Needs 9781475832020@Investigating Family, Food, And Housing Themes In Social Studies 9781475839210bDynamic Principles Of Professional Development:Essential Elements Of Effective Teacher Preparation 9781476670812QEminent Domain And Economic Growth:Perspectives On Benefits, Harms And New TrendsMcfarland & Co. 97814798048870The Practice Of Islam In America:An Introduction 9781479804924"Islamophobia and Racism in America 97814798219075Antisocial Media:Anxious Labor In The Digital Economy 9781479823420CBeing Muslim:A Cultural History Of Women Of Color In American Islam 9781479837243<Algorithms Of Oppression:How Search Engines Reinforce Racism 9781479843534GRacial Reconciliation And The Healing Of A Nation:Beyond Law And Rights 9781479870080;Surviving Poverty: Creating Sustainable Ties Among the Poor 9781479876594The Securitization Of Society 9781479887101FThe Urban Church Imagined:Religion, Race, And Authenticity In The City 9781487522520Translating HeideggerUniversity Of Toronto Press 9781487593131@Practicing Ethnography:A Student Guide To Method And Methodology 9781493029594MHiking Waterfalls In Pennsylvania:A Guide To The State's Best Waterfall Hikes 9781493030248Best Dog Hikes South Carolina 9781493031467IBest Hikes Madison, Wisconsin:The Greatest Views, Scenery, And Adventures 9781493970384JHandbook Of Religion And Spirituality In Social Work Practice And ResearchSpringer New York 9781498500241GJapan Viewed from Interdisciplinary Perspectives: History and Prospects 97814985181784Philosophical Foundations Of Evolutionary Psychology 9781498520447FThe Politics Of Local Government:Governing In Small Towns And Suburbia 97814985302863The Philosophical Foundations Of Management Thought 9781498533584Critical Ecofeminism 9781498536103"What Is Classical Liberal History? 97814985365237Veiled Superheroes:Islam, Feminism, And Popular Culture 9781498539661%Philosophical Foundations Of Neurolaw 9781498539753MPolycentricity, Islam, and Development: Potentials and Challenges in Pakistan 9781498541244BThe Psychology Of Marriage:An Evolutionary And Cross-cultural View 9781498543170VLove In The Time Of Ethnography:Essays On Connection As A Focus And Basis For Research 9781498544313,Living Racism:Through The Barrel Of The Book 9781498548427)Searching For Marx In The Occupy Movement 9781498548694fReframing The Reclaiming Of Urban Space:A Feminist Exploration Into Do-it-yourself Urbanism In Chicago 9781498549172UEducating Through Popular Culture: You're N< ot Cool Just Because You Teach with Comics 9781498550888BAfricans And The Exiled Life:Migration, Culture, And Globalization 9781498551274UBridging The Baltic Sea:Networks Of Resistance And Opposition During The Cold War Era 9781498556446gNeighborhood Change And Neighborhood Action:The Struggle To Create Neighborhoods That Serve Human Needs 9781498557108%An Oral-formulaic Study Of The Qur'an 9781498558006WAnthropology's Interrogation Of Philosophy From The Eighteenth To The Twentieth Century 9781498558129FRethinking The Enlightenment:Between History, Philosophy, And Politics 9781498559416YPsychoanalysis from the Indian Terroir: Emerging Themes in Culture, Family, and Childhood 9781498564458CThe Experiences Of Ghanaian Live-in Caregivers In The United States 9781498568555+Grief And Romantic Relationship Dissolution 9781498569484/Fulda Gap:Battlefield Of The Cold War Alliances 9781498770132=Handbook of Educational Measurement and Psychometrics Using R 9781501334870CLiterary Trials: Exceptio Artis and Theories of Literature in Court 9781501335945The Early Miyazaki 97815015161917Relations Of Power In Early Neo-assyrian State Ideology De Gruyter 9781501516399/The First Dynasty Of The Sealand In Mesopotamia 9781501713224>Singlewide: Chasing the American Dream in a Rural Trailer Park 9781501713590(Urban Flow: Bike Messengers and the City ILR Press 9781501713767JHaunting Encounters: The Ethics of Reading Across Boundaries of Difference 9781501714221?Spaces of Feeling: Affect and Awareness in Modernist Literature 9781503602250oConceiving National Bodies:The Transpacific Politics Of Birth Control In The United States And Japan, 1920-1960 9781503605961'Sediments Of Time:On Possible Histories 9781503606043ADiscreet Power:How The World Economic Forum Shapes Market Agendas 9781506334295OSocial Work Practice With Older Adults:An Actively Aging Framework For Practice 9781506339412CContemporary Sociological Theory And Its Classical Roots:The Basics 9781509503834+Heidegger And The Jews: The Black NotebooksJohn Wiley & Sons 9781509513956Global Ethics: Second Edition 97815095164147Should Current Generations Make Reparation For Slavery? 97815095166056Shadows Of Empire: The Anglosphere In British Politics 9781509517077The End Of American World Order 9781509517084 9781509517923Classics: Why It Matters 9781509518388'What Happened In The Twentieth Century? 97815095193472Radicalized Loyalties: Becoming Muslim In The West 9781509519798Anthropology: Why It Matters 9781509520831(Contemporary Politics In The Middle East 9781509521067)A Philosophy For Europe: From The Outside 9781509521401 Reading Marx 9781509521500!Can Government Do Anything Right? 9781509521715China And Russia 9781509523313Economy And Society 9781509525539History: Why It Matters 9781509527014FThe Tragedy Of Property: Private Life, Ownership And The Russian State 9781509920273/The Constitution Of The Environmental EmergencyHart Publishing 9781517900823IPower And Progress On The Prairie:Governing People On Rosebud ReservationUniversity Of Minnesota Press 9781517904616Critical Ethnic Studies 3.2 9781522510192?Innovation and Shifting Perspectives in Management Education (Advances in Human Resources Management and Organizational Development) IGI Global 9781522518082<Training Initiatives and Strategies for the Modern WorkforceBusiness Science Reference 97815225344882Utilizing Consumer Psychology In Business Strategy 9781522539520DCrowdfunding And Sustainable Urban Development In Emerging Economies 9781522541974RHandbook Of Research On Civic Engagement And Social Change In Contemporary Society 9781522547549NResearch, Practices, And Innovations In Global Risk And Contingency Management 9781522551065gDifferentiated Instructional Design For Multicultural Environments: Emerging Research And OpportunitiesInformation Science Reference 9781522552642<Managerial Approaches Toward Queuing Systems And Simulations 9781522554660<Innovative Applications Of Online Pedagogy And Course Design 9781522557579MHandbook of research on supply chain manageme< nt for sustainable development /Business Science Reference, 9781527503557'New Frontiers In Philosophical Practice 9781536100037%Science And Medicine In Combat SportsNova Science Publishers 9781538105733(The Trump Presidency: Initial Appraisals 9781538107270<Cases In International Relations:Principles And Applications 97815381109119Cultural Heritage Care And Management:Theory And Practice 97815548142207The Broadview Anthology Of Social And Political ThoughtBroadview Press 97815586185582On Shifting Ground: Muslim Women in the Global EraThe Feminist Press at CUNY 9781590786116 Time to PrayBoyds Mills Press 9781594205583?Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies penguin press 9781598151763Inventing The PassionPolebridge Press 9781614516774Orthodoxy In Arabic Terms 9781616146368;Crescent Moon Rising: The Islamic Transformation of AmericaPrometheus Books 9781616149376gChristmas in the Koran: Luxenberg, Syriac, and the Near Eastern and Judeo-Christian Background of Islam 9781624665325$Readings In Ancient Greek Philosophy 9781626376755HPuerto Ricans In The United States: A Contemporary Portrait, 2nd EditionLynne Rienner Publishers 9781626377110.Understanding Contemporary Russia, 2nd edition 9781626377301US Institute Of Peace 9781629633909Libertarian SocialismPM Press 9781631578496<Developing Sustainable Supply Chains To Drive Value : Manage 9781634848213hSmall Countries Of The Persian Gulf And U.S. Relations: Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, And United Arab Emirates 9781641131438-Navigating The Volatility Of Higher EducationInformation Age Publishing 9781641131704&Children, Childhood, And Everyday Life 9781770413528JGutenberg's Fingerprint: Paper, Pixels and the Lasting Impression of Books ECW Press 9781780237503)Psyche On The Skin:A History Of Self-harmReaktion Books 9781780239224Sculpture In Gotham 9781780764917;Yemen Divided : The Story of a Failed State in South Arabia I.B.Tauris 9781781547823Risk Analysis For Islamic BanksAuris Reference Ltd 9781781547830Issues In Islamic Banking 9781781952238'The Economics Of Nonrenewable ResourcesEdward Elgar Publishing 9781782205234!Relational Organisational Gestalt 9781782205494Flirting With Death 9781782545248#Islam And The Law Of Armed Conflict 9781783099504ADialogues With Ethnography:Notes On Classics, And How I Read ThemMultilingual Matters 9781783197453&Jonathan Miller: One Thing and Another Oberon Books 9781783476763QCities And Sustainable Technology Transitions Leadership, Innovation And Adoption 9781783486793EA Human Right To Culture And Identity:The Ambivalence Of Group Rights 9781783489930OYoung People, Citizenship and Political Participation: Combating Civic Deficit?"Rowman & Littlefield International 9781783606603Reconstructing Urban Economics Zed Books Ltd 9781784532994Spiritual Exegesis?I.B.Tauris In Association With The Institute Of Ismaili Studies 97817845371665The Dead City: Urban Ruins and the Spectacle of DecayI. B. Tauris & Company 9781784537494VMarxist Theories Of Imperialism: The Evolution Of Ideology In The Era Of Globalisation 9781784538804'Persian Christians At The Chinese Court 97817847804321Radical Technologies: The Design of Everyday LifeVerso 97817853353894Evidence and Meaning: A Theory of Historical StudiesBerghahn Books 9781785922534?Relationship-based Social Work:Getting To The Heart Of PracticeJessica Kingsley Publishers 9781785923098Fortress Britain? 9781785927973Written On The Body 9781786302090Mathematics And Philosophy Wiley-iste 9781786344267Rise Of Megacities, TheWorld Scientific Publishing 9781786431080;Sustainable Development And International Environmental Law 9781786436566&The Home:Multidisciplinary Reflections 9781786601957HThe Question Of Space:Interrogating The Spatial Turn Between Disciplines 9781786602091 Understanding Islam And The West 9781786602930SThe Pregnancy [Does-Not-Equal] Childbearing Project: A Phenomenology of Miscarriage 9781786603401@The Kuhnian Image Of Scienc< e:Time For A Decisive Transformation? 97817866040958Faith-based Organizations In Transnational Peacebuilding 9781786604330iStretching The Limits Of Productive Imagination:Studies In Hermeneutics, Phenomenology And Neo-kantianism 9781786604866After Heidegger? 9781786850515For The Love Of IrelandSummersdale Publishers 9781786940926)Homicide In Pre-famine And Famine IrelandLiverpool University Press 9781787144606=Emerging Conceptions of Work, Management and the Labor MarketEmerald Publishing Limited 9781788310956 Living Islam 9781788311427KWahhabism And The Rise Of The New Salafists:Theology, Power And Sunni Islam 9781788311557Nomads And Soviet Rule 9781788311663HFaith And Fashion In Turkey:Consumption, Politics And Islamic Identities 9781788311830UMuslim Minority In Turkey, A:Migration, Ethnicity And Religion In A Bosniak Community 9781788311946SRedrawing The Middle East:Sir Mark Sykes, Imperialism And The Sykes-picot Agreement 9781788312714JBirth Of Tajikistan, The:National Identity And The Origins Of The Republic 9781788313018-Geoarchaeology:The Human Environment Approach 9781788313162$Shari a, The:History, Ethics And Law 9781788741439-The American President In Film And Television 9781840973907:Vietnam Under French Rule 1919 1946 4 Hardbacks Volume Set 97818438448469Medievalism In A Song Of Ice And Fire And Game Of Thrones D. 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(XZ~ )W?D@? )Xg? )Xh? )Xi~ *WE@? *Xj? *Xk? *Xl~ +W?E@? +Xm? +Xn? +Xo~ ,WF@? ,Xp? ,Xq? ,Xr~ -W?F@? -Xs? -Xq? -Xr~ .WG@? .Xt? .Xu? .Xo~ /W?G@? /Xv? /Xw? /Xx~ 0WH@? 0Xy? 0Xz? 0Xo~ 1W?H@? 1X{? 1X|? 1Xx~ 2WI@? 2X}? 2X~? 2Xo~ 3W?I@? 3X? 3X?? 3X?~ 4WJ@? 4X?? 4X?? 4X?~ 5W?J@? 5X?? 5X?? 5X?~ 6WK@? 6X?? 6X?? 6X?~ 7W?K@? 7X?? 7X?? 7X?~ 8WL@? 8X?? 8X?? 8X?~ 9W?L@? 9X?? 9X?? 9X?~ :WM@? :X?? :X?? :X?~ ;W?M@? ;X?? ;X?? ;X?~ <WN@? <X?? <X?? <X?~ =W?N@? =X?? =X?? =X?~ >WO@? >X?? >X?? >X?~ ?W?O@? ?X?? ?X?? ?X??D? l8888888888888888888888888888888@??SA??SB??SC??SD??SE??SF??SG??SH??SI??SJ??SK??SL??SM??SN??SO??SP??SQ??SR??SS??ST??SU??SV??SW??SX??SY??SZ??S[??S\??S]??S^??S_??S~ @WP@? @X?? @X?? @X?~ AW@P@? AX?? AX?? AX?~ BW?P@? BX?? BX?? BX?~ CW?P@? CX?? CX?? CX?~ DWQ@? DX?? DX?? DX?~ EW@Q@? EX?? EX?? EX?~ FW?Q@? FX?? FX?? FX?~ GW?Q@? GX?? GX?? GX?~ HWR@? HX?? HX?? HX?~ IW@R@? IX?? IX?? IX?~ JW?R@? JX?? JX?? JX?~ KW?R@? KX?? KX?? KX?~ LWS@? LX?? LX?? LX?~ MW@S@? MX?? MX?? MX?~ NW?S@? NX?? NX?? NX?~ OW?S@? OX?? OX?? OX?~ PWT@? PX?? PX?? PX?~ QW@T@? QX?? QX?? QX?~ RW?T@? RX?? RX?? RX?~ SW?T@? SX?? SX?? SX?~ TWU@? TX?? TX?? TX?~ UW@U@? UX?? UX?? UX?~ VW?U@? VX?? VX?? VX?~ WW?U@? WX?? WX?? WX?~ XWV@? XX?? XX?? XX?~ YW@V@? YX?? YX?? YX?~ ZW?V@? ZX?? ZX?? ZX?~ [W?V@? [X?? [X?? 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